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The 400 Million Dollar Decision

Welcome to AdHacker, 103.9 WLEN’s new blog all about advertising.  We hope that you will visit this page often as we explore the intricate idiosyncrasies of advertising and marketing.

We’re going to kick off the new year with a classic example of the difference between advertising and exposure.  Pepsi learned the lesson to the tune of over $20 Million.  Pepsi decided to eliminate traditional media for a shot at the big rewards of social.

“Pepsi substantially abandoned its long-standing commitment to traditional advertising in favor of social media. It canceled its annual Super Bowl advertising. It diverted tens of millions of dollars from traditional advertising to create the "*Pepsi Refresh Project*." *Pepsi Refresh* was an online social media initiative in which Pepsi gave out 20 million dollars. They also spent many millions more in support of this initiative.”

After making this transition from traditional to digital, the current fad in advertising, the results came in:

“The …

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