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Vanishing in Thin Air

Vanishing in Thin Air

As a member of the media, with 33 years in marketing, advertising and journalism, I have seen lots of change in our business, and now I think we are at a crossroads.There is a need for real news crafted and created by professional journalists asking the right questions, reporting the FACTS and creating trust in the world again.Fake news, sensationalism, bias and fabrication are unfortunately now part of the American landscape.When people use unknown and unreliable sites on Facebook and Twitter to educate themselves on what is happening in their communities and in the world, we have a problem.It is creating a huge divide in our country.
To that point, until we as community citizens and leaders realize that we must support the very fabric that lends itself to true real news, we will continue to see the fate suffered by many news institutions across America.This subject was spurred by a recent article about an iconic news weekly in New York, who will cease publishin…

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