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Radio and Search

I recently brought on a new client who was “testing” radio to help grow their business. When I meet businesses, who want to “test” radio, it is typically for short lengths of time and minimal spending. These schedules require extremely creative commercials that make an impression without all of the additional add-ons of information that typical businesses want, such as phone numbers, addresses, business hours, etc.. The goal is to get listeners to remember the business name and invade their minds enough to get them to search for the business. Getting the search is important as a 2011 Google Mobile Movement Study found that 88% of consumers who search for a business either call or go to the business within 24 hours of searching the business name. My job is to get people to both remember the business and to find them online—whether that is for a phone number, a website or a social media page.
After about 45 days of the first 60 days of advertising, I receive that dreadful phone call a…

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