"Hey Alexa"

“Hey Alexa...”

Have you been hearing and reading about the Amazon vs Google war? 

The climb to the top to be the biggest in smart speakers that control your home and soon many other things in your life is fueling fast moving research to grab that top spot in the market and a place in your home. Amazon Echo and Google Home were on the top of people’s lists this past Christmas and that trend is only growing. The Echo Dot was the bestselling item on Amazon for Christmas 2017

Those of us in the marketing field have long held the belief that in the search world, it is critical to be looked for by name and not category. That can’t be truer today as we navigate websites, social media and its changes, artificial intelligence and the ever-increasing line of smart products being introduced into our lives. Whether it’s smart speakers, smart phones or smart self-driving cars that allow you to order food, merchandise and services while you are driving, the need to be top of mind is more important than ever. Marketing your brand and advertising a call to action with consumers will make sure when they “Ask Alexa” they are asking for you. 

How will you brand yourself?  We would love your feedback….until next time.  


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