Goodbye Free Social Media Marketing

We have all come to realize that in the social space, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc., make the rules.  Many have come to enjoy free advertising on their social medium platform from Facebook.  That is about to change.  Facebook makes the rules in their social space and the free ride is over. 

Many advertisers, especially travel related companies, have come to rely on the “review”.  This is a great tool for businesses that never have hiccups or mistakes and it can be a deadly killer to those who do.  We cannot control what is said about us in the social space.  We cannot control reviews, nor can we hide them.  We can hide comments on our posts, but ultimately continuing to hide comments can also be a killer.  It tells the public that you cannot accept constructive criticism.  Criticism warranted or not, that consumers think you should be using to make your company better!  While we all need to be in the social space, we also need to be in the spaces that allow us to control our message, our message without comments disgruntled consumers who may or may not have a score to settle. 

Traditional media will continue to allow you to stand out and control the message you in a direct line to tens of thousands of people who will ultimately at some point be in the market for your product. 

How do you think Facebook’s announcement to change what it exposes people to will affect your social media marketing?  We’d like to know.  Let’s start a discussion.  Until next time…


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